Groundwork & research to inform the e-learning sector in Kosova, as well as to support the success of students and educators through online & blended learning platforms


Online Training

Teacher Professional Development on e-learning. Capacity building on digital skills for youth of all walks of life.



Advocacy for digital integration and digital opportunities in Education

As a Center for Distance Education, we cover three areas of work:

The establishment of research projects in the field of digital / virtual learning

Capacity building of teachers and students in regarding digital / virtual learning

Advocacy for the creation of the legal infrastructure for the digitalization of education in Kosovo.

To ensure that digital opportunities are functional in the context in which we live and operate, research work and discipline are required.

Capacity building of teachers through digital modalities makes them more inclined to practice these modalities within their classrooms – as well as expanding the opportunities for young people to pursue digital modules.

Likewise, by creating the legal framework, the access to digital learning and teaching opportunities is expanded, legally recognized qualifications are created, and teachers are encouraged to develop their competencies in this line of work.


Teaching Online at the Right Level is a teacher professional development program, which aims to contribute towards closing the instructional or e-learning knowledge gap by increasing the awareness and effectiveness of e-Learning strategies while closing the skill gap by teachers utilizing e-tools effectively for both professional development and instruction.


By using edUPerformancayou can rate your fields, list the best fields & schools.This way you can give your contribution towards an imporved education system in your country.

The lack of technology inclusion in higher education in Kosovo will only continue to put our students at to disadvantage from their peers around the world. In some respects, the pandemic served as a “wake-up call” to educators and policymakers alike. KCDE seeks to leverage this opportunity to ensure “e-learning” is a possibility for the youth of all backgrounds

Advocacy for Digital Integration in the Education System is an advocacy program through which KCDE works towards strengthening the digital agenda in Kosovo and promoting digital solutions to education

Training and Research project, during which KCDE developed a study on gender gap in access to internet and distance learning among school-aged children in Kosova, and to helped Kosova middle school girls develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills that improve their lives through the ‘Equipping Girls with the 21st Century Skills’ online training program.

Connect-Ed (“connect” and “ed” short. from “education”) Kosova is a project which aims to identify, register and bridge the digital divide among school-aged children. KCDE in partnership with Open Data Kosova have developed the ConnectEd Kosova Tracking system for 2020. 

The system has three main components: 

  • 1st component will be ‘identified cases’ – which shows the number of school children that were unable to attend distance or e-learning during the pandemic
  • 2nd component will be ‘collected assets’ – which shows the real numbers of collected assets from donations (in-house)
  • 3nd component will be ‘distributed assets’ – which is directly linked to the ‘identified cases’ category in order to see the real time impact that all donors/stakeholders are making for these children in need

The Internet Use for Learning Purposes project focus was on awareness raising regarding internet use for learning purposes, as well as enhancing youth critical thinking and problem solving skills to better match market needs.

The Student Awareness Campaign on E-Learning Potential is an awareness raising project  on use of technology for study purposes among the student community in Kosova. The project was supported by the U.S. Embassy in the beginning of our foundation, as an U.S. Alumni changemaking program