Antigona Uka

Executive Director

Antigona serves as an executive director for KCDE). She holds a master’s degree in Public Policy from Central European University. She started engaging in the field of online and blended learning since 2015. In the meanwhile, she has also a) co-founded the Teach For Kosova, and b) served as a researcher at Riinvest Institute for Development Research, consultant for OSF, trainer at International Business College Mitrovica, and as a guest researcher at German Institute for Public Administration.

Gjina Kaçaniku

Project Manager

Gjina Kaçaniku, is our Project Manager. She is an accomplished lawyer, and the promotion of children's rights as part of human rights is just a staple of her motivation to work toward the development of our organization. During the last years, she has been engaged in projects with United Nations, as well as worked in the governmental sector and the NGO sector. She considers her contribution to the community to be an active equal rights advocate.

Marigona Morina

Education Consultant

Marigona is one of the co-founders of Kosova Center for Digital Education, currently serving as an acting program director. Marigona holds a master’s degree in education from the University of Arkansas and is now pursuing her Ph.D. in Educational Research at the University of Calgary. She previously worked as a social sciences teacher at Prishtina High School, course instructor at Rochester Institute of Technology in Kosova, and as a teacher trainer at British Council.

Kosovare Uka

Finance Manager

Kosovare Uka serves as Finance Manager. In the past she has served as a marketing intern at 7ARTE, and has occasionally been involved as a field surveyor/researcher at the Riinvest Development Research Institute. Kosovare has completed the Erasmus exchange program with the Instituto Superior de Contabilidade e Administração do Porto - Porto, Portugal as part of the IBCM partnership opportunity where she was a regular student.

Robert Pajaziti

Digital Content Designer

Robert Pajaziti is our Digital Content Designer, holding a Master's degree in Educational Science with a specialization in Educational Technology from Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE). He is driven by a passion for integrating technology into diverse contexts and developing digital solutions. He has worked as a Substitute Teacher at the American School of Kosova, a Research Assistant at the Organization for Increasing Quality of Education (ORCA), and a Project Coordinator at ETEA over the past years.

Kaltrina Ibrahimi

Project Coordinator

She is currently a doctoral student at the University of Prishtina, Department of Management. She previously worked as a Project Coordinator in the Technology and Information Laboratory, within the project "Kosovo Economic Development through Quality and Networking", funded by the European Commission Office in Kosovo. For the last 10 years she has served as a managing owner at the Private Preschool Institution Ala.

Edon Abdullahu

Trainer & Web Administrator

Edon Abdullahu, is our IT technician and Web Developer. As an junior Web Developer he has experience with different and modern technologies such as WordPress, JavaScript and Java. Previously, Edon worked as a freelancer (including web desing) and is keen to develop digital solutions for social benefits.

Aaron Spitler


AARON SPITLER is a master’s student at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University in the United States. His research interests revolve around digital development, especially within the Western Balkans. Currently, he has explored these issues as a consultant with the Kosova Center for Digital Education (KCDE).

Adrian Zenuni

Trainer & Web Administrator

Adrian Zenuni, is our IT technician and Web Developer. As an experienced Web Developer he has experience with different and modern technologies on web development such as WordPress, React JS, Vue.js, Node.js, etc. He has a sharp eye for details and a commitment to work. He has experience working in different tech companies in Kosova like Cacttus, Starlabs, etc, which made him so valuable to our NGO.

Lekë Nela


Lekë Nela serves in the role of Public Relations Officer at KCDE. He is currently studying at the University for Business and Technology (UBT).


Rexhep Haliti

Co Founder & Assembly Member

Rexhep Haliti completed a master's program in Information Systems at Lund University in Lund, Sweden. He has also graduated from RIT in Kosovo with a concentration in IT and Management. Rexhep joined KCDE as a co-founder in 2016, and his contribution comes mainly in form of technical expertise. Rexhep worked for three years in the Protax2 project, a Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency for continuous development and improvement of the property tax system in Kosovo. For the last years, Rexhep has been working as a Data Analyst at Nordea Bank in Copenhagen.

Fatlum Gashi

Co Founder & Assembly Member

Fatlum works at the European Parliament. In the past he has worked as a Policy Officer at World Solidarity Forum. Following his studies at CEU, Fatlum obtained an International Security Studies Certificate from Harvard University Extension School and his MSc in Migration Studies from Oxford University. He has co-authored different reports and research papers on migration issues in south-eastern and central Europe, which was published by Friedrich.E.S, Political Capital Institute, etc. , and has participated and presented his research on migration at different conferences and universities, including Georgetown, Havard, and Yale.


Arbenita Krasniqi

Arbenita Krasniqi is our Project Manager. She holds a Master's Degree in Bussiness Management at the University of Debrecen in Hungary. Has over five years' experience in the public sector and civil society in coordinating and managing youth projects since 2015, through engagement in various institutions such as GIZ, she has trained young people for professional career development. She has taken part in drafting policy recommendations in the field of education within the Ministry of Education and Science and Commitee of Education.

Milazim Behrami

Milazim is a manager and designer of programs such as the program "Teaching online at the right level" which aims to increase the capacity of teachers in online teaching. He has a master's degree in linguistics and English teaching from the University of Prishtina. For the past nine years, he has worked in teaching and leadership positions in Kosovo. In the past he served as Chairman of the Membership Committee of KETNET (Kosovo English Teaching Network), Project Coordinator for the Prishtina Region for the implementation of the "English Language Teacher Professional Development Program", which was implemented in collaboration with the US Embassy, the Kosovo Ministry of Education and Science, and KETNET. He has also worked for the United States Peace Corps as an intercultural mediator and TEFL trainer since 2015.

Fridon Lala

Fridon, our former Head of Development, is now elected as a Member of Parliament in Kosovo. He is a public policy professional with degrees from the CEU’s School of Public Policy and the University of Sussex’s IDS. He was a researcher at the UN University in Belgium and a project consultant for Artis International in Washington. He conducted a study visit at Cambridge University and is an author of various scientific works, articles and book chapters. Fridon also served as the Deputy Minister of Regional Development in Kosovo.

Artan Limani

Dr. Artan Limani is joining KCDE as a Senior Education Consultant. He has a robust portfolio of work related to educational development, research, and teaching. His work focuses primarily on higher education development. He is currently working with his international team of colleagues on investigating the relationship between democracy and higher education, which is a unique line of work in the field, particularly in the Balkans context. Dr. Limani has been working in Kosovo since 2012 and has managed meaningful and impactful projects in the field of (higher) education.

Gramos Bucinca

Gramos heads the development of KCDE. He's a civil society activist and has worked in the NGO sector for the past 6 years. He's experienced in the higher education sector, working as a proponent for quality in education, through advocacy, research and grass-roots activism. Gramos is also a government consultant on education and project development. His main goal is ensuring taxpayer money is spent to provide best services for the public.

Burbuqe Muhadri

Burbuqe has several years of experience in the private sector and international organizations, mainly in roles related to Finance and Human Resources Management. She holds a Master of Science in Finance degree from Illinois Institute of Technology, IL -USA. Her main strengths are her analytical skills and persistence. She is engaged at KCDE in the role of Finance Officer.

Manjolla Hajrizi

Manjolla provides support to the KCDE team across multiple facets. She completed her bachelor's studies at the University Hasan Prishtina - Primary program and is completing her master's degree in Leadership in Education. Additionally, she brings a unique perspective to the team as a primary school educator at Mehmet Gjevori Elementary School where she has been teaching for two years.