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Development of Modules Youth4CleanAir

We are currently developing modules that will form the foundation of our initiative for this upcoming project. Each module is being meticulously crafted to ensure they are robust, effective, and aligned with

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Summer Camp “Beyond the Borders”

The project aims to bring together students from the University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina” with students from the diaspora to collaborate in the creation of project ideas and their transformation

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The object of this contract is the collaboration with the Kosovo Center for Digital Education – Mëso Online regarding the promotion of the platform EduPerformanca which is a crowdsourcing data

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Teacher Training Program

The “digital skills teacher training” initiative aims to empower teachers from marginalized backgroundsor those directly involved with minority students in Kosovo, training and equipping them with the necessary skills to

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Teaching Online at the Right Level

Teaching Online at the Right Level is a teacher professional development program, which aims to contribute towards closing the instructional or e-learning knowledge gap by increasing the awareness and effectiveness

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Girls and 21st Century Skills

The “Girls and 21st Century Skills” project has the ultimate goal of creating gender equality and empowering young girls. The project has three components: Training young girls on Digital Skills,

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Connect-Ed Kosova

The “Connect-Ed” (“connect” and “ed” short for “education”), project aimed at closing the digital divide among children that occurred during the pandemic COVID-19, so that children can return to schooling,

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