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Digital School Mapping in the Municipality of Pristina through Focus Groups

It is generally recognized that digital integration in the education system is a valuable asset for teachers and students. The use of quality equipment such as computers, tablets, projectors, televisions, etc., can make the learning process easier and also directly affect the preparation of students to pursue more profitable careers and for an ever more digital future.

Today, it is particularly important to provide all educational actors with equal access to the Internet and digital devices, while ensuring the development of the necessary skills so that they can take advantage of the many advantages that technology offers.  Hence, this study was carried out in order to understand the perceptions on the readiness and preparation of teachers, students, parents and school principals, to move or overcome in a more digitized learning process.

This research has been produced as part of the project “Digital Mapping of Schools in the municipality of Prishtina through focus groups” with the partial financial support of UNICEF and in partnership with the Municipal Directorate of Education in Pristina.

The content of this document is the sole responsibility of the Kosovo Center for Digital Education (KCDE) and under no circumstances reflects the views of UNICEF or Municipal Directorate of Education in Pristina.

Authors: Antigona Uka, Gramos Buçinca, Gjina Kaçaniku

Published by: KCDE, Feb 2023